Kansas Coalition of Professional Development Schools

Professional development schools (PDSs) are typical schools working in partnership with institutions of higher education. They have distinct characteristics. They are learning environments that support the training of preservice teachers, the professional development of PDS and university faculty and are committed to improving student achievement. PDS partners are guided by a common vision of teaching and learning which is based on research and best practice. PDS partners share responsibility for professionals and students.

Action Research

Action Research is a practical research component to the Kansas PDS Coalition. Each year the students complete an action research project. The following document is a collection of action research undertaken at Kansas PDS sites.

PDS Model Standards Handbook

The PDS Model Standards Handbook (PDF) contains an introduction and explanation of Professional Development Schools as well as how they relate to concepts such as learning communities, accountability and quality assurance, collaboration, diversity and equity, structures, resources and roles.

Kansas Coalition of Professional Development Schools Charter

The Kansas PDS Charter details the purpose of the coalition, institutional membership, governance of the coalition, the composition of the meetings, goals and activities.


A listing of Kansas PDS Newsletters

National Association for Professional Development

The National Association for Professional Development Schools (NAPDS) is an organization that comprises thousands of PDS educators from across the nation. The web site is maintained by the Univesity of South Carolina and the link is http://napds.org.

Kansas PDS Partnerships

Baker University

District School Website
Baldwin USD 348 Baldwin High School
415 Eisenhower
Baldwin City, KS 66006

Baldwin Jr. High
400 Eisenhower
Baldwin City, KS 66006

The History of Kansas PDS Coaltion

Kansas Professional Development Schools (PDS) Coalition

-A Brief History-
Flora Wyatt

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